Breed Animal Farm v2.1.948a + Mod [ Latest Version ]

Breed Animal Farm Mod APK: The story starts in a nation arrive in the sky heaven. Here the Giants were held hostage for their underhandedness, by those we never again know. One day cultivate, the Beanstalk developed excessively high, it tore separated this sacred lockup. The path down to our quiet land indeed unfurled. Quickly the Giants struck down on earth, bringing along only ruin. Enthusiastic backwoods and peaceful towns were altogether crushed under their assault.

There was no other place to cover up around the local area. Like a cool rancher, Jack tossed out the Magic Beans which he had covered up to persuade everybody to be protected from Hay Island zombie. Think about what’s descending there a way?

Creature Paradise Village presently tore separated into a large number of Sky shards. These appear to convey want to these new poor occupants. Also, presently, the island is home another story starts! We should unite Jack’s astonishing investigation with a reproduction world. Now you can download the latest and full version of this game from Startcrack website.



Make your home in the sky with this puzzle Island Paradise.

Make shapes and stunning things with hundreds of kinds of 3D Cubes.

Construct heaven and brighten excellent ranch island to communicate with a boundless imagination.


Collecting requires a little expertise. Do it quickly and get more items. You will even need to reshape your ranch land to suit your creating aptitudes.

Love sugar shapes? Harvests, Corns, Strawberries, Carrots, Tomatoes, Jam… are formed into 3D squares that look extremely fun, charming and delightful in the nation.


Appreciate a prime with underhanded creatures. Be careful! They can be allowed to meander where they like. They may even get lost over the cloud.

Feed increasingly, progressively gold. Develop to possess a zoo with 100+ one of a kind creatures (pig, cow, chicken, sheep, feline, rabbit, and twelve of uncommon and oddity creatures) and get more coins.

Make sure to release your creatures to the backwoods to get creature advancement &wait to see the privileged insights unfurl with most loved cultivating diversion

Begin a heaven day with 100+ sorts of mission: primary journey, everyday mission, Airship conveyance.
A few missions are difficult to reach. Breed creatures, more journeys will pursue

Ice sheet: Digging profound into the snow, find numerous fortunes
Mount Cylinder: Under the magma streams are innumerable fortunes
Quiet Sand: Explore the old demolish and find concealed fortunes
Divine Ocean Paradise: Unlock Airship and acquire various prizes from filling its load
Twilight Lake: Seek the submerged fortunes to finish Airship
Sky Cavern: Unlock to breed Rare Animals

Find more island experiences with Volcano, Iceland, King, Seaside, Hay Bay, …
Include Breed Animal Farm into Top most loved cultivating amusements. Join Halloween occasion and be a cool rancher with family at
Play creature reproducing diversion, be content with new companions. Live ordinarily as an agriculturist in ranch heaven with Animal Farm Village!

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